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NATS Online Chess Workshop - Details

NATS Online Chess Workshop in Association with Kings' Chess Academy

Workshop Dates For Beginners and Intermediate: Sep 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th, Oct 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th (8 Online Classes each 1hr. The Fess is for all 8 Classes)

Classes for Intermediate: 8:30 AM PST

Classes for Beginners: 9:30 AM PST

Workshop information will be shared to the registered participants.

NATS Online Chess Workshop will be conducted in association with Kings' Chess Academy by the below coaches:

1. Saketh Pedagandham ( chess title : Fide Instructor & Arena Grand Master,Global head Kings Chess Academy)
2. Shyam Sundar ( Grand Master, Asian champion, coach of many International medal winners, one of leading coach,  Author)
3. Srinath Rao ( International Master & Director Kings Chess Academy)
4. Andreea Cosman ( Women Fide Master, Romanian women medal winner, World Olympiad Player)
5. Ravi Kumar ( Candidate Master,Fide Instructor,  Fide Arbiter, coach of Many Asian champions, 25 years of coaching Experience)
Recent Kings' Chess Academy achievements can be found on below website
Beginners Course:
Sep 17th: Rook, Bishop, Queen, Knight, Pawn, King, Mix Pieces
Sep 18th: Smart Capture, Threat Check
Sep 24th: Getting out of Check, CheckMate, Protected Piece Castling
Sep 25th: EnPassant Hanging Piece, Mate in One Queen,Mate in One Rook,Mate in One Bishop,Mate in One Kinght
Oct 1st: Mate in One Pawn,Mate in One Pawn Promotion,Mate in One King,Mate in One Start of the Game,Mate in One Mix
Oct 2nd: Double Attack Pawn,Double Attack Bishop,Double Attack Rook,Double Attack Queen,Double Attack Knight,Double Attack King,Double Check,Double Attack mix
Oct8th: Skewer Pin
Oct9th: Discovered Check,Discovered Check with Sacrifice ,Discovered Check with Attack + Pin + Mixed + Free Capture
Intermediate Course:
Sep 17th: Double Attack Pawn, Double Attack Bishop,Double Attack Rook,Double Attack Queen,Double Attack Knight, Double Attack King, Double Check, Double Attack mix
Sep 18th: SkewerPin 1 Pin 2, Discovered Check 1, Discovered Check 2, Discovered Check with Sacrifice, Discovered Check with Attack + Pin + Mixed + Free Capture
Sep 24th: Removing the Defender, Mixed Tactics
Sep 25th: Mate in Two Queen, Mate in Two Rook
Oct 1st: Mate in Two Bishop, Mate in Two Knight
Oct 2nd: Mate in Two Mix Level 1 & 2
Oct 8th: Decoying Deflection
Oct 9th: Annihilation of Defense, Smothered Mate