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  • NATS Keeravani Event in New Jersey Became a Resounding Success

    A very big Musical Thunder rocked New Jersey Telugu community over the weekend. Legendary Music Director M.M.Keeravani’s Live Musical Concert by NATS in New Jersey became a phenomenal success. The Two Level auditorium was completely packed and several hundreds of people went back as the tickets were sold out in advance.

    NATS New Jersey conducted this event with a noble intention of donating the profits from this concert to NATS 24 hours HELP Line (1888-4-TELUGU, and HELP Foundation ( of the brightest musicians of Telugu cinema, the evergreen music legend, M.M. Keeravani who provided great and soulful music for last 23 years unleashed a fountain of Telugu music in New Jersey.

    The Three Hour Musical Bonanza by Magical M.M.Keeravani and his team astonished the crowd with their mesmerizing performance by singing several Telugu Hits and made the ebullient crowd dancing to their tunes. Keeravani’s team of seven young singers – Revanth, Rahul, Noel, Kaala Bhairava, Geetha Madhuri, Sahithi, Ramya – had great coordination, extraordinary energy levels and were extremely enthusiastic throughout the event.

    Keeravani’s presence on the stage throughout the show was the highlight of the evening. Right from his entrance till the end, he packed the event with a right mixture of hilarious moments and wonderful music and he thoroughly engrossed the crowd. The roof came down in regular intervals as the entire auditorium was constantly echoing with whistles and claps and audience were dancing to the tunes. Auditorium security had a tough time asking the crowd to sit down.

    From “Annamaya” to “Eega”, the ace composer enthralled the Telugu music buffs with mesmerizing tunes of Magadheera, Eega, Dhammu, Criminal, Allari Alludu, Dharmakhesthram, Simhadri, Yamadonga, Seethaiah, Chatrapathi, Vikramarkudu, Aapadbhaandavudu, Maryada Raamanna, Gharana Mogudu, Major Chandrakanth, Eega etc.and the heavenly scores of Annamayya, Pandurangadu, Pellisandadi, Kshanakshanam and Sri Ramadasu whose music stays in the minds of Telugu audience forever.

    With his wide variety of devotional, melodies, romantic, patriotic, youth and mass songs spanning across his illustrious career of 23 years, he mesmerized New Jersey crowd. Each song is different from the other, a different mood, a different tune, and a different style.

    NATS New Jersey conducted this extravagant music concert with the support of Telugu Fine Arts Society (TFAS). The event started off with welcome note by NATS Joint Secretary Mohana Krishna Mannava. All the Mega Sponsors, Grand sponsors and Donors were felicitated on the stage. Later NATS Vice President Gangadhar Desu briefed NATS Service initiatives across U.S.A and New Jersey. NATS Director Sreedhar Appasani invited Mr.Keeravani onto the stage. Finally, Mohana Krishna Mannava praised the volunteers for their tireless efforts and thanked the donors and sponsors for their generosity.

    All 3 national organizations ATA, TANA and NATA attended the event and expressed their solidarity. All 3 local organizations in the TRI STATE – TFAS (New Jersey), TLCA (New York) and TAGDV (Philadelphia) offered their support and help to the event. TV9, TV5, Radio Tori and Radio Zindagi were the media partners for this Mega event and Srilakshmi Kulkarni anchored the event.

    NATS BODs – Dr.Madhu Korrapati, Vimal Kavuru, Aruna Ganti attended the event and offered their support to the event.

    Telugu Fine Arts Society (TFAS) Executive Committee actively involved in making this event a grand success. The event ended with evergreen patriotic song ‘Punyabhoomi Naa Desam’ from Major Chandrakanth followed by Indian National Anthem – Jana Gana Mana. All the attendees gave a long standing ovation to Mr.Keeravani after this extraordinary event.

    This event was conducted by NATS under the leadership of Mohana Krishna Mannava, Gangadhar Desu and Sreedhar Appasani. NATS and TFAS Team of New Jersey – Aruna Ganti, Ramesh Nuthalapati, Ranjit Chaganti, Srihari Mandadi, NRC Naidu, Vasu Tupakula, Venu Palyam, Manju Bhargava, Vasant Tanna and Venkateswara Rao Vakkalagada lead the organizing efforts and was well supported by Damu Gedela, Raj Allada, Chandrasekhar Konidela, Vishnu Aluru, Prasad Gurram, Dr.SuryaPrakash Ganti, Murali Medicherla, Srinivas Venkata, Ramanaidu Kantubuktha, Prasad Bobba, Sridhar Donepudi, Hari Krishna Veeravalli, Murthy Panthula, Hari Kolluri, Phani Kadiyala, Jaya Prakash Gutta, Asha Vaikuntham, Rekha Uppaluri, Shyam Nalam, Shankara Rao Polepally, Madhavi Polepally, Satya Nemana, Suresh Makam, Sudhaker Uppala, Srinivas Gandi, Bindu Madiraju and Uma Makam.

    Mega Sponsors/Donors of the event are: MMC Systems, Quadgen, Bawarchi Biryani Corner (Coming to NJ soon), Vimal Kavuru and MPower Logic.

    The Grand Sponsors/Donors of the event are: Marlabs Inc, JSMN International, Softova Inc, Global data Management Corportation, Global Pharma Tek, Srinivas Maddali, Sandra CPA, Radha Krishna, APTIVA Corp and Nixsol. NATS New Jersey thanks all the donors and sponsors for their valuable support.

    M.M.Keeravani’s live Musical Concert in New Jersey turned out to be a landmark entertainment program. Several seniors and attendees unanimously touted this as One of the Best Music Concerts, they ever attended.

    Keeravani had a special word of praise for the Raritan Venue Community Center (RVCC) and the team for the impeccable Sound Quality in the Arts & Performance Theater. The event started and ended on time and people were appreciative for the time punctuality. The event was meticulously planned and organized and there were showers of appreciation from all the attendees and from Mr.Keeravani for the arrangements. All the attendees and Keeravani praised Organizers and Volunteers for their tireless efforts in making the event a resounding success.

    The profits of this event would be donated to NATS 24 hours Help line ( and HELP Foundation ( and both of them thanked NATS New Jersey for this initiative.