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Chairman Message



Sreedhar Appasani

Chairman, NATS

Dear Telugu Family, Season’s Greetings!!!! North America Telugu Society (NATS) is a truly service oriented National Telugu organization. Every day, our Telugu people face various issues and have nowhere to turn for help. The primary objective of NATS is to address these needs and concerns that affect the daily lives of Telugu people living in North America. As we complete 10 years of a successful journey, I congratulate and thank the NATS leadership, supporters, volunteers and donors for their selfless commitment to make a difference in communities we live in.


Over the years, NATS has developed a strong community support by stepping forward to help individuals and families in need. Throughout this journey, NATS has earned respect and credibility among the Telugu community in North America. With God’s blessing and a generous outpouring of time, talent and contributions, every year, we are able to help a large number of affected families.

NATS path and programs are unique. Sometimes, all someone needs is to feel support and that they have someone to talk to. Our 24-hour NATS Help and Advice line is just that. Through this helpline, we will continue to provide support for issues that directly affect the lives of Telugu people and their families. NATS helpline idea has been framed by bearing in mind the importance of maintaining human dignity. Keeping this in mind, through our helpline we offer: legal advice, medical advice, emotional counseling help and support for marriage problems, guidance on abuse issues, specialist advice in matters relating to immigration, resources to new students and new families in addition to accident and death support.

I take tremendous pride in leading such a wonderful organization. It is a great opportunity but also a great responsibility.

As a new Chairman of NATS (for term 2020-2021), my belief is that the role of NATS should be proactive in creating a new vision for the future of the Telugu community. As we progress, you may have ideas that may be in the best interest of our community. Please share those ideas with us as we are always open to new thoughts and creative ways to better our community. I believe, there is still place for many new actions and improvements, with the ultimate goal being “Serve the community”.

As we continue our endless journey to provide services to the needy, I intend to work closely with as many service-oriented communities organizations as possible. I request all like minded community activists to join hands with NATS so we can expand our potential to reach new horizons.

After all, NATS is there for the Telugu Community! .

Yours Sincerely

Sreedhar Appasani

Chairman, NATS Board