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Chairman Message



Aruna Ganti

Chairwoman, NATS

With great pleasure I write to inform you all that the esteemed Honorary
Board and Board of Directors have made their selections for the Board of
Directors for 2022-2023. I am very honored and privileged to be selected as the
first Chairwoman to the Board of NATS and I accept it with utmost humility.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the founding members of this truly
genuine organization and hope to fulfill their mission to the best of my ability.
I sincerely thank the past Chairman Mr. Sreedhar Appasani and his entire
team for exemplary leadership during the past term, despite the unprecedented
Covid challenges. We are excited to welcome the new Board of Directors joining
us for this term and will definitely miss those who served the organization during
the most crucial Covid period and helped immensely with various charity
activities. I thank the entire Board for their vested faith in our team.
I was introduced to NATS in 2010 when I had some time to dedicate to
volunteering. Immediately, I was drawn to the service component of the NATS
slogan “Bhashe Ramyam Sevey Gamyam”. All of the members of NATS are a
cohesive group who have “service” as their prime goal and it is a pleasure to
work with them. I have thoroughly enjoyed my activities thus far, be it Health
Camps, Free Health Clinics, Blood Drives, Food and clothing drives, or Musical
Programs like “Padutha Teeyaga” to name a few.
I am interested in using my platform over the next two years to empower
women. Many women are not part of pivotal decisions made in a family.
Unfortunately, it has taken a pandemic to bring forth the realization that most
women are unequipped to deal with a crisis. Over the next two years, I hope to
help educate women and give them the resources to cope with situations like
My next initiative is to involve our kids and the youth in our organization.
As you all know “Charity begins at home”. Kids brought up in a charitable family
are usually giving adults with empathy. That is what we need from our youth and
I hope to improve their involvement in NATS.
We look forward to your continued support and hope we can work together
to recruit new members and reach our goals. As Mother Theresa said, “You can
do what I cannot do, I can do what you cannot do, Together we can do great
Aruna Ganti