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NATS Student Life Insurance

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the name of the insurance?

This insurance is called NATS Student life Insurance.

  1. Who is eligible for this insurance?

All NATS Life Members who are studying undergrad/graduate program in North America (F1 Status and / or on OPT/CPT)

  1. How do I become a NATS Life Member?

Anyone could become NATS life member by completing membership form in NATS website.

You could visit NATS Website www.

  1. How much is NATS Life Membership?

It’s one time enrollment fee of $50

  1. Do I have to pay membership fee every year?

No. it is onetime enrollment fee.

  1. How did NATS envision such a program?

During last 5, 6 years NATS received several phone calls from students when they met extemporaneous conditions. So, NATS board decided to extend the similar kind of courtesy and service to all students who reside in North America.

  1. How do I enroll in this program?

Visit and click on “Become a Member” link. You can see an option down below – Are you interested to enroll in “NATS Student Insurance Program”? There you need to choose “YES”

  1. What is COVERED under this insurance?

AD&D (Accidental Death and Disbursement) is covered. It includes any accidental bodily injury, including air travel and common carrier coverage.

  1. Who is the beneficiary?

Whoever the insurer /student (chooses as a beneficiary at the time of enrollment.

  • If the designated beneficiary is not residing in US how the beneficiary amount will be paid?

If student chooses beneficiary as their parents or siblings who are not residing in US, NATS will take the responsibility to send the money to the designated beneficiary.

  1. If married, whole family (spouse/children) is covered?

NO, this is an individual coverage. Each member has to register as a life member to avail of NATS student insurance program

  • Can I use this as a medical Insurance? Or is this a substitution of a medical insurance?

NO, this is not a substitution of a medical insurance. In most of the American universities, Medical insurance is mandatory for a full time student. Universities offer medical for all their students at a very affordable premiums.

  1. How long will be the coverage?

During the course of study (Maximum of Two Years from the date of enrollment)

  1. Can it be extendable?

YES, but subject to prevailing rates

  1. How can I contact NATS?

Please send an email to