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Help Line: +1-888-4-TELUGU (+1-888-483-5848)


NATS Helpline

NATS Emergency Management

In case of emergency and for immediate assistance please contact the following NATS action team members. You may also contact us by calling at +1-888-4-TELUGU (+1-888-483-5848) or/ sending an email to

  • Ram Kommanaboyina
    Ram Kommanaboyina
  • Madan Pamulapati
    Madan Pamulapati
  • Krishna Mallina
    Krishna Mallina
  •  Srihari R  Mandadi
    Srihari R Mandadi
  • srinivasarao bhimineni
    srinivasarao bhimineni
  • Madhu Korrapati
    Madhu Korrapati
  • Sreedhar Appasani
    Sreedhar Appasani
  • Raghu Royyuru
    Raghu Royyuru
  • Sumit arigapudi
    Sumit arigapudi
  • Shyam Nalam
    Shyam Nalam
  • Prasanth Pinnamaneni
    Prasanth Pinnamaneni

We offer below Services

  • Accident / Death Assistance

    NATS has dedicated Helpline team where we provide step-by-step instructions and assistance for the Death or Accident cases with our dedicated and wholehearted volunteers available across the nation.
  • Ask NATS Doctor

    Ask NATS doctor is a program designed and developed by North America Telugu Society (NATS) to help the needy people for providing medical advise and second opinions in the USA and also in India.
  • Career Guidance

    NATS always believes that guidance is a great weapon to lead one to success. By not only arranging on the spot advice but also conducting several training classes, NATS is becoming instrumental in getting the jobs to the needy.
  • Domestic Violence

    NATS is a family of Happy Home so it cares much about each and every home. Whenever a call is received that states domestic violence, NATS handles the issue very delicately and makes sure that necessary counseling is delivered to meet with the situation.
  • Immigration Assistance

    NATS is very much active while taking up the issues that relate to immigration. It has been conducting several seminars to get awareness among the needy and also arranging assistance.
  • Medical Assistance

    NATS gives utmost importance to the medical related issues. As and when a call is received from a minimally insured or uninsured immigrant/visitor.
  • Parental Anxiety

    NATS does not ignore parents abroad who are worrying about the whereabouts of their kids.
  • Volunteer Your Time

    Volunteer your time for North America Telugu Society to help the needy people. to help the needy people.